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It was a good day for Shiba-spotting at the dog park.

Toppo by the water
30 July 2011

We’ve met this contemplative creamie before. This is Topo, whom we first bumped into back in December. Since then, I learned of his back story from Red, who rescued him from Taiwan through TUAPA.

Nobody knows about Topo’s first owner. But he probably didn’t begin life where he was found as a raggedy-looking stray who hung about a Taichung day market, scrounging and mooching off the kindness of strangers. With no home to call his own, he ran into various troubles, resulting in burns on his hindquarters and getting part of his curly tail chopped off. Despite all that, he still wanted to trust humans enough to keep approaching them, which led him into harm’s way. As I heard the story told by Red, a group of young ruffians were picking on him one day, and one of the guys picked him up, lifted him over his head, and slammed him down on the ground in a disturbing display of public violence. They were getting ready to do more damage when another young man intervened, and a crowd quickly formed. When the ruffians threatened to return for the dog, that’s when it became apparent that life on the street was too much for this dog, so TUAPA was called in.

Those ruffians never laid another finger on Topo, because he found his way to a loving home in the States. Despite everything he’d gone through, he is still a trusting, sweet pup.


We ran into Topo on our way in. On our way out, we saw this splendid little figure darting across the bridge:

Trotting in with confidence

This handsome guy is named Kenji. It’s a little hard to tell from my pictures, but he had one of the nicest Shiba tails I’ve ever seen. Not that I’m fit to judge, but it does seem to be a fine example of a “desirable” tail according to this slideshow on the National Shiba Club of America webpage.

Floof tail

As dogs and humans alike greeted each other, Kenji’s momma called me out: “Do you have a blog?” Woah! It was, I think, the first time the Two Bows were recognized in an unplanned encounter. Being ID’ed at last month’s Shiba Picnic was a surprise too, but since I was on the lookout for other Shiba bloggers there, I felt a little less bashful about being spotted.