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Some random shots from my photo archives, as I’m rearranging some accounts…

I started paying attention to and taking photos of dogs at various Taiwanese protests and rallies late in my time there, so I only have a handful of shots that is in no way proportional to the canine representation at these events. As this is a dog-centric blog, I’m not going to get into the politics of these peaceful marches; what is relevant for now is that people participated in these rallies as entire families, young and old and canine alike.

Dogs Say Yes to Taiwan 1
26 March 2005. Dog say yes to Taiwan, too.

Dogs Say Yes to Taiwan 2Dogs Say Yes to Taiwan 3
26 March 2005. Left: Green bandanna on spitz mix indicates pro-Taiwanese sovereignty; Right: This area was actually pretty crowded, but wide berth was given to the Dane mix because it is extremely unusual to see dogs this large in Taiwan, and Big Black Dog syndrome operates here, too.

25 September 2005. Can you measure the success of a rally by the smile on a purse pooch’s face?

This one below doesn’t capture much more than this mellow dog’s butt, but the woman with her loud shirt, face-shielding visor, and powerful stance is so badass — quintessential Taike (Taiwan style).


I wish I had been more systematic about documenting the dogs of Taiwanese protests. It was always nice to see them in attendance. Bowdu might well have become more acclimated to crowds if we had brought him along. But since we were newbies at dog ownership, and he was so damn talented at slipping out of his non-Martingale collars and harnesses, we thought it best to leave him at home.

17 June 2005. Bowdu at 5 months, bloated with pride in having shredded one of the landlord’s slippers (this landlord sucked and we weren’t in the least bit sorry).

No Taiwan solidarity for THIS Shiba Inu!