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Photo taken 7 June 2011

Speaking of eyes…

I think one of the most difficult things about photographing dogs in action is lighting their eyes. Unless they’re looking up at me with full sun on their face, I find it hard to keep shadows from obscuring facial details. Or perhaps it’s something about the time of day when I happen to take many of my dog photos. I’ve noticed that dark Nosferatu-esque eye sockets seem to haunt many of my outdoor dog pictures, and because I’m an amateur, I have no idea how to go about correcting that.

The long and the short of it
30 March 2011. Are deerhounds supposed to have raccoon masks? I didn’t think so. For starters, I need to figure out how to work with backlighting.

29 May 2011. Serious Dannii from the Troublemaker pack.

May we walk together?
10 May 2011. May we walk together? If only I could read your expression…

Irish Terriers
29 May 2011. Two Irish Terriers go wagwagwag. Okay, this one has focus issues in addition to lighting, but I like the composition.

And then there are some examples where I just have to admit defeat, like this Bouvier des Flandres.

Bouvier pup
5 May 2011