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For a background explanation on why I’m charting our monthly pet expenses, please check my first post in this series.


  • FOOD: $117
  • TREATS: $43

TOTAL: $160
(Running average for 5 months so far: $233 / month)

Didn’t I say something about how I was going to bring food costs down last month?

Oh, how intentions and actuality seldom align.

Proden PlaqueOff, a seaweed-based dental supplement

As it turns out, I ended up spending more in this category last month. A few chicken’s feet here, a few turkey necks there… what really inflated the figure was restocking things like fish oil and PlaqueOff, supplements they get every day, and the two precious vials of holistic tonics that ran about $20 a pop. Yup, $89 of “food” expenses this month consisted of droplets and powder. Since they get these as part of their everyday diet, this is the appropriate category according to my definitions.

These supplements are purchased once in a few months. We load up on fish oil when it’s on sale. While I could probably save about 10-15% by getting the other stuff online, I decided that the $2 or $3 I would save on each item would be better invested in my local pet stores. This is only the third container of PlaqueOff we’ve purchased since we started using it a year ago, so a little bit goes a long way.

As we move into allergy season, I can’t really expect the overall figure to go down, particularly if we’re looking at any vet visits in the next few months.

Photo taken 27 April 2011