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A recent hit in the House of Two Bows is The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated dog food. A few weeks ago, we got a sample bag of Embark, the grain-free, turkey-based recipe.


It comes in powder form, so you just add warm water, mix it, and let it sit until it assumes the consistency of creamed spinach (most demos I’ve seen make it soupier, but I prefer it a little thicker). I found it surprisingly green for a formula that’s supposed to be a “complete” mix, including adequate amounts of meat. I felt better spicing it up with some raw ground turkey and fresh baked sweet potato. I also stirred in a little extra bone meal (to offset the boneless ground turkey) and fish oil.

All of it was inhaled, and every last whiff of food was licked out of the bowl.

Honest Kitchen

So I recently got another 4 oz. box when we went to check out a new pet supply store.

Bowpi, who is normally a slowpoke eater, finished up in about a minute.

Video taken 22 May 2011

She almost sounds like she’s got some stuck in her throat … but no worries! Bowdu also appears to confirm that her bowl is extra extra clean at the end.


Yeah, I think we’re going to have to pick up more of this.