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We’ve had some great walks lately, giving us lots of lovely photo opportunities…

Shafts of light on shiba and moss
Photos taken 19 May 2011

Zoomies when wet

The camera wasn’t quite on the right settings there, but I still kind of like how it turned out. Bowdu got the urge to do a Shiba 500 after wading in the creek.

Queen of all that she surveys
20 May 2011

We went back to this lake area the very next day, when my friend was in town.

There were a couple other dog parks between those woods and when I found this

22 May 2011

That would be my first tick, found on the base of Bowpi’s right ear. I think that I found it immediately, since she does spend a lot of time getting pet (and hence, we should have noticed before), and the tick was not yet engorged. Today’s park was the least woodsy of our recent sites, though. At any rate, I didn’t even have a pair of tick removal tweezers, so I drove to the pharmacy to get supplied, then came home and set to work.

Floating in a pool of alcoholic death

Soon it was floating in an alcoholic pool of death. I don’t even know if I got the whole thing, but the vet did assure me that if its head or mouth pieces were still embedded, the skin would naturally eject the remaining parts (yes, I called to check). Obviously the body’s missing a leg or two, but it won’t be needing them any longer. Fie! Good riddance!


Then I swabbed the area with some instant foaming Neosporin wound cleanser for kids. Bowpi was so good through the whole procedure, even appearing to fall asleep on my knee at points. She didn’t so much as yelp when I finally managed to pry the thing off her, taking a few stray hairs along.

There doesn’t seem to be any ticks on Bowdu, best I can tell through his thick fur. I suppose that heavy mantle also acts as a natural tick deterrent. I hope I never have to experience the fight that would ensue if I had to subject him to a tweezing.

So now we keep a close watch for about a month…