So I’ve heard that Basenjis are rather fond of using their arms/legs to communicate. I got a good demonstration of this the other day when I was snacking on the futon. Bowpi climbed in close to mooch, extending both front legs until they were pressed firmly against my hip, as if to say Hey. I’m here.

12 May 2011

I took another bite of my cinnamon roll. And I felt another firm, twitchy movement against my side.

Don’t forget. I’m still waiting.

After I took the final bite of my midnight snack and sucked the glaze off my fingers, I looked Bowpi squarely in the face and apologized for not giving her any.

I swear her eyes flashed in recognition of the failure of her charms, just a moment before she lifted one arm and brought it down deliberately and heavily, rapping against my tummy. Twice. Then she sighed and moved away, audibly smacking her lips in disgust as she put her back to me and returned to her usual donut curl.

What the… Did she… Did I really just get smacked by my dog?!

Where the hell did she learn that one?!