A quick sighting to report: last Friday, we encountered another Shiba + Basenji pack! This lady had three rather “full-figured” Bs, a Shiba, and a terrier-Dachshund mix. What a crowd!

Photos taken 13 May 2011. The three Bs sniff Bowdu.

Stay on that end.
Three Bs sniff Bowpi’s business end (while she licks her lips and airplanes her ears to the side, the very picture of a nervous dog) — right before they jump her. It was very brief snarking, but Bowpi was definitely overwhelmed. It was the first time I had ever seen her give a full on snarl!

The largest B (forgot their names already!) and the other Shiba, Max.

She was admiring Bowpi’s shiny coat, so we chatted about food for a bit. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I wised up to the advantages of an improved canine diet. Then other times, when I chat with other dog people, I realize how much I’ve learned since we started feeding grain-free, exploring different brands of kibble, adding supplements, feeding raw, and so forth. I didn’t say anything about her dogs’ waistlines (or lack thereof). I’m sure she’s aware that they’re a bit plump. If nothing else, she got quite the opportunity to compare that afternoon, when two other Basenji meetup regulars Lola and Hobbes showed up!


The head of the minimutt is sticking out to the right of the picture above. The li’lbit kept getting crowded out of the frame, but he’s part of the pack, too!

The tricolors that come to this park tend to be younger, petite, with uniformly shiny coats, so I have a hard time telling them apart unless they’re leashed to their people. If I keep running into these guys though, I’ll finally get the hang of it. Lately I’ve had the illusion that there are a lot more Basenjis in the area, but I think it’s just that we’re crossing paths with a small group of Bs who have long been around, with more frequency.