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Yesterday, we went to the smaller, fenced-in dog park where we ran into two of my favorite local greyhounds, Bobby and Dexter. They are alumni of Greyhound Friends for Life, adopted by a kind, older woman who only takes in senior greys. I’ve known two predecessors of this pair, who also had the sweetest temperaments — she really knows how to pick them, as they’ve all been marvelous ambassadors of their breed. Collectively, this silver-haired woman and her golden years greyhounds have really turned me onto this breed, and I hope someday to be in a position to rescue one or two.

Bobby and Dexter
Photo taken 12 May 2011

I didn’t always appreciate the sighthound skinniness though, and for that matter, neither did Bowdu. One of her first that we met (about five years ago) was so incredibly frail and dessicated in appearance, even Bowdu had a hard time recognizing her as a dog. When he marched up to this greyhound all tough-like, the greyhound froze. Didn’t move, didn’t acknowledge Bowdu’s “greeting,” and just stood there as stiff as a barren bush.

Bowdu sniffed the stick-figure dog all over, and when there was still no movement, he did what he would do to any other shrub.

Bowdu lifted his leg and peed on the old greyhound.

Bowdu and Bobby

That poor old greyhound (whose name escapes me at the moment) didn’t make it through the winter, but there was another to replace her, and then another after a few well-spent years. I’ve noticed that Bowdu is willing to be close and to hang out with them all (he grew out of the habit of marking other dogs, thank goodness), despite his usual prejudice against tall, leggy dogs. The latest one, brindle Bobby, is so tall that Bowdu has walked right under him in the past, as casually as walking under a picnic table.

Bored at the little park

For me, Bobby and Dexter are just highlights of a dog park that the Two Bows usually find boring and, frankly, a little too small for their taste. Bowpi’s tail started drooping after twenty minutes, and Bowdu decided to lie down in the shade, which was my cue that they’d had enough. So we left pretty soon afterward… but it was nice to see the greyhounds and their person!