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Another month, another tally. This month was easy to figure out.

For a background explanation on why I’m charting our monthly pet expenses, please check my first post in this series.


  • FOOD: $109
  • TREATS: $0

TOTAL: $109
(Running average for 4 months so far: $251)

Resource guarding
Photo taken 8 April 2011

Still gotta get that average down!!

This month’s food total is much higher than anticipated NOT because the Bows are getting caviar on a regular basis (that salmon roe we were using to supplement a few of their meals and snacks actually came out of the budget from over a month ago — we had it frozen for a while to kill off possible parasites). We’re trying out a new kibble, Acana Pacifica, which we special ordered as a $40 bag from our local Pet Store A. I bought some extra kibble to add to their dwindling supply in the meantime, expecting the Acana to arrive much later. But it came very quickly, and now we have more than enough kibble to last us to summer. We haven’t even opened the new bag yet!

We also replenished Bowdu’s supply of Primal Raw turkey & sardine patties. In patty as opposed to nugget form, which is what he was getting before, each 8-pound bag lasts longer than a month. We’re supplementing more fresh meats/vegetables with each portion, and many meals are broken up with raw meaty bones. So while it seems like a lot to throw down for each purchase, it lasts a while when properly paced.

For May, we’ll be making some advance preparations for summer allergies, hoping to nip some of last year’s problems in the bud… *cross fingers*