Test portrait
Photo taken 16 April 2011

My primary challenge so far with the DSLR is acclimating the Bows to its bulk and its noise. I thought they were so used to being photographed that it would not make such a difference, but their reactions to this machine are markedly different. When I’m shooting at home, they often stare back with apprehensive bug eyes because the zoom lens is such an alien invasion of their domestic space. The fact that I’m actually looking through the viewfinder instead of an LED screen to compose my shots must seem strange too, since my face is almost entirely obscured and replaced instead by a big black facehugger.

… It’s a THING.

And it CLICKS. Sometimes it CLICKCLICKCLICKs. And Bowpi just about exploded like popcorn the first time she saw the flash. I did not expect the flash to automatically flip up, myself. I had not considered that I should have slowly introduced the skittish basenji to the DSLR.

Bowpi loathes the DSLR, and is maybe even a little afraid of it. Remember, she has a quirk — she’s extremely sensitive to certain sounds, like clicks and rapping and hitting sounds. We don’t know where this came from, we just know she refuses to be in the same room as anyone clipping their toenails, clapping their hands, swatting flies, tenderizing meat, massage-pummeling body parts, etc. She doesn’t exactly flee the room in terror, but she’s out of there fast, and will not return until long after the coast is clear.

So for now, the sound of the camera is still too much for her unless we’re outside in the open, which is a pity. This is exactly the tool that’s needed to capture her delicate movements! In the above portrait, one of the first indoor practice shots I managed to capture of her, what you don’t see is that she is already starting to push herself up off the futon.

She was gone before I could focus another shot.

We’ll have to work on this.

Slowly, with treats.