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On Sunday, I talked briefly to a couple with these distinctive-looking dogs.

Nose to nose with an American primitive
Photos taken 17 April 2011

I was curious about them since they reminded me so much of some Shiba mix puppies I had seen in Taiwan, which I suspected of having been mixed with some indigenous tugou. Apparently, I wasn’t too far off in my guess about their “primitive” origins. The couple told me that they were American Dingos.

“American Jindos?” I asked skeptically, having heard incorrectly.

“Nope, but they’re similar!” They’re also known as Carolina Dogs, according to the breed conservator that this couple got their dogs from.

Primitive breeds

I don’t know much about these guys, but I suspect there’s an interesting history there. I have to admit that I’m so accustomed to the foreign provenance of pariah breeds, I seldom stop to think about those that may have originated right here in North America.