The American Pet Products Association has long been surveying pet owners regarding what they spend on their dogs and cats. If the average dog currently costs about $1400 to $1500 in annual expenses, well… we’re still a little above average, unfortunately. (Note that their survey does not ask for an annual figure. Rather, this figure comes from a total of the categories that they have designated, which can be found on their overview of industry statistics and trends) The ASPCA, on the other hand, offers a more vague figure of $700 to $875 for the average costs of basics for both dogs and cats.

Photo taken 2 April 2011

Whatever the national average, we did SO MUCH BETTER this long month of March compared to February. For a background explanation on why I’m charting our monthly pet expenses, please check my first post in this series.


  • FOOD: $24
  • TREATS: $8
  • VET/MEDICAL: $0!!

TOTAL: $33
(Running average for 3 months so far: $298)

Our food and treat costs were, of course, assisted greatly by the Freshpet feeding trial. This month’s food total is only as high as it is because I bought a container of Bone Meal supplement (left, approx. $10), which I consider an essential ingredient for future home cooked meals. Given the size of the jar (1 pound!), I expect it to last so long that the cost will basically become negligible. I might even have to figure out how to slip it into my own diet, otherwise we’ll never finish it…

A dollar was spent replacing one of Bowdu’s pillboxes, since he decided to steal and destroy the one on the nightstand. He only managed to swallow one extra pill of Soloxine before I removed it from him, so he didn’t suffer any overdose.