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I had bought a whole tray of frozen smelt and separated the pencil sticks into two ounce portions to be added to the dogs’ meals as a supplement.


So the other night, I added a few slivers to Bowdu’s 4 oz. portion of Vital Turkey dinner, along with a side of sweet potato, as an approximation of the Primal Raw Turkey & Sardine formula he usually gets.

20 March 2011

Well, he wolfed down everything… except for the smelt. Each piece was left intact on the floor right next to his clean-licked bowl.

By my memory, this is the only meat he’s ever outright rejected.

I’m going to defer to Bowdu’s judgment on this one and discard the rest of the smelt. It’s not a type of fish that I would choose to eat, so why force it on the dogs if they’re clearly not into it?

Meanwhile, we’ve had an eventful past couple of weeks with the selection of Freshpet products that we’re due to review. I’m going to give it another week though, as I will be putting some thought into this writeup. Meanwhile, I’m trying to funnel my words and energy into another project that’s looming on the horizon — you know, that whole academic thing that’s supposed to be my primary focus. Priorities, priorities…

Less words, more visuals for the remainder of the week.

Clearly labeled
Freshpet Select Bites — beef and vegetable recipe