Hmm, I can make polls!

(Sorry to my dogless readers — I have no questions for you at this time.)

[EDIT: Well, that kind of sucks… the results don’t really tally the way I want them to, percentage-wise. I was expecting the results to be figured in terms of number of voters, not in terms of overall votes. For example, of 9 out of 10 voters say they feed kibble, I thought it would read 90%, though within that 90%, many will ALSO feed other types of food. Either my poll-making skills or the tabulation formulas need refinement.]

Vital: Salmon & Ocean Whitefish food roll
Cutting up a Vital Salmon & Ocean Whitefish food roll [10 March 2011]

I thought about this as I was slicing up portions of pre-cooked rolls from Freshpet Select, and how this is a novel food type for us. It’s somewhere between canned food (which we don’t feed) and unrefrigerated rolls (like Natural Balance) which we just started experimenting with a couple months ago. One big difference, however, is that these rolls must be kept refrigerated at all times. Since Freshpet hooked us up, well… let’s just say refrigerator space is at a premium until the two Bows plug through this stash!

Bowpi eats her gravylicious food
Bowpi enthusiastically slurps up her gravylicious Homestyle chicken stew [8 March 2011]

A more thorough review is forthcoming, but I anticipate having a lot of positive things to say. While the Bows don’t have any appetite issues, they’ve definitely glommed onto the fact that this is something different than their usual fare. However, I’m still breaking up this feeding trial with raw meaty bones and extra dental chews, because every item in the line is relatively soft, which doesn’t do a whole lot for their teeth.

Gnawing posture
Bowdu assumes the position for gnawing on a raw meaty bone [25 November 2010]