Bowdu’s ears have always been bigger than standard for a Shiba inu. Their floppiness made me question his breed “purity” as a puppy (and come to hate that word and all that it entails, a thought I will continue at another time).

Photo taken 5 April 2005

His ears stood up by the second week he was with us. As he grew into his face and I encountered more Shibas from a variety of backgrounds, I concluded that his relatively large ears were a result of his haphazard breeding. At any rate, he does know how to make use of his auditory advantages…

Photo taken 6 October 2005. Caught going through the Doggy Daddy’s bag. Someone’s in trouuuuble.

Modes of perception
Photo taken 23 February 2011

Something’s on the other side of the fence… and Bowdu doesn’t need to turn his head to know it’s there.

Photos taken 22 February 2011

Can’t sneak up on this guy…

Photo taken 4 June 2010

I confess, just as I have a soft spot for dogs with curly tails, I am more drawn to dogs with pricked ears.