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Photo taken 17 February 2011

Shiba people know that shedding is a regular way of life. I’ve pretty much stopped noticing the monstrous hair balls that manage to find their way under furniture, behind doors, and in still corners until I’m expecting company or when I’m pacing the halls and staring at the floor during anxious, contemplative moments of the day.

What surprises me is how much Bowpi can shed, at times. Just goes to show that you’ve got to be careful if you’re expecting Basenjis to be a “hypoallergenic” breed! Above is a picture demonstrating the amount of fuzz I brushed off her torso with the Zoom Groom, a tool which has now become indispensable for both Basenji and Shiba grooming. Only a minute of effort resulted in that amount of loose fur.

Photo taken 24 February 2011

She seems to shed in spurts. Sometimes I can’t get anything off her, and sometimes it just comes right out. The heat’s been kicking lately since we’ve had a string of chilly, rainy days, so that may account for some of the recent follicular action.

At any rate, I don’t think we really have shedding “cycles” here, what with balmy Bay Area weather being perpetually in the 60s ~ 70s. Both Bows, especially Bowdu, shed year-round. Some weeks they shed more than others. And that’s just something we need to stay on top of lest we want the house overrun by wild furballs.

Oh wait, too late…