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Bowpi had oozed over into my vacated warm spot on the bed this morning. I was reluctant to scoop the sleepy Basenji puddle into my arms, but we had an appointment to keep!

Dropped her off at 8 in the morning, picked her up at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Our entire “pack” of humans and Bowdu went to pick her up, just so we could all get treated to her vigorous curlytail wags in the lobby. Quite special for our typically restrained little gal! She received a glowing report from the techs who had accompanied her all day. It’s nice to know that at least one of the Bows isn’t a total nightmare at the vet’s office…

Meanwhile, Bowpi seems to have discovered her voice, or at least the power of a whimper. She whimpered for about twenty minutes straight after we came home, until I offered her some yogurt laced with Rescue Remedy. She eventually drifted off to sleep, and saw fit to protest her rough day whenever she briefly regained consciousness, but mostly she stayed asleep.

She got a little bit of food, which was eagerly consumed after not having eaten all day. The vet recommended just half her usual amount, and then the remaining half later in the evening if she seemed interested. And she was.

20110215 Rough day
A dazed and confused 15 February 2011

Her teeth do look great! I’m awaiting the official before and after scans from the vet, since they were able to pry apart her gums and get a good shot. Meanwhile, here is today’s tally:

Dental exam, $0.00
Catheterization I.V., $45.00
Peri-op IV Fluids, $55.00
In house preanesthetic panel, $89.00
Canine Periodontal therapy, less than 30 pounds, $101.50
Dental anesthesia, small dog, less than 30 pounds, $138.10
Anesthetic monitoring, $57.00
Hospitalization Day, $40.90
Antibiotic injection, $31.75
Butorphanol injection, $38.94
OraVet barrier sealant, $21.00
Toe Nail Trim, $27.00 $0.00


Thank goodness there were no extractions, and this is not meant to be a regular procedure! And yes, I did shop around… but in the end, I thought it was important to try and cultivate a relationship with a regular vet, which this clinic is becoming. Given our past experiences with less accommodating practices, I’ve been impressed with this vet’s level of communication and their willingness to try a range of options.

I hope my praise doesn’t jinx this relationship.

I hope to have more good things to say about this vet later.

Even if Bowpi would sooner leave the memory of today behind.