Last night, the two Bows polished off the last of the two-day batch of canine congee that I had cooked up for them. This recipe consists of chicken breast, ground turkey, sweet potato, white rice, a little bit of thinly sliced ginger, all cooked long enough for the flavor to infuse all ingredients in the stew.

Photos taken 9 February 2011

Before serving, I add some extras. Bowdu gets a sprinkle of fresh green beans, Bowpi does not (she picks them out). They both get a dash of dried anchovies, seaweed powder, fish oil and vitamin E.

I realize now that this improvised recipe is missing some crucial calcium and phosphorus, which I’m learning is an essential supplement to add to home-cooked recipes. Not that they get this regularly enough that they’re suffering from any nutritional deficiencies… and not that they seem to mind! But yes, I’m still investigating from the most basic level.

20110209 Canine congee

This is what the Two Bows had for dinner last night.

The humans ate Hungry Man frozen meals.

I think the dogs won that round.