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The last Bay Area Basenji meetup ended up being The House of Two Bows vs. the The Basenji Troublemakers, under the threat of rain clouds.

Photos taken 30 January 2011

Shiba butt photobomb

Bowpi took her treat very politely.

And once the treats came out, someone became the center of much attention.

Bowdu impressed me with his overall restraint. He hopped up on the table at one point, got packed in with the clamoring Basenjis, and bared his teeth to show his displeasure. In the past, he has reacted badly against strange dogs who got between him and handouts, but in this case, it seemed like a normal level of communication, and didn’t cause any trouble.

One of these tails is not like the others

And meeting this little puppy-face was really special!

Just a pup

He’s a 4~5 month old Sloughi — a sighthound breed I’d never seen in person before.