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Photo taken 4 April 2005

Today is the day that we have arbitrarily designated as Bowdu’s birthday.

Truth is, we don’t know. We just counted back from how old the puppy mill breeder/broker told us he was, and decided that January 20th, 2005 was a pretty good day to call his birthday. We have reason to think he’s actually a couple weeks younger than what we were told, but we have no documentation whatsoever of his origins.

I’ll have more to say on that some other time. I have a lot I could and will say about Bowdu’s origins, over time.

Oh, how little we knew back then, but how much love we had to give…

For now, I present a trip down memory lane. The above is the first daytime photo we took of Bowdu, the morning after we brought him home. Heh, he still sleeps with that blanket.

Sometimes I still get a chuckle out of Bowdu’s Dogster blog, which I started when we were still living in Taiwan. There’s less than two dozen entries there, but it hits some of the highlights between 20 June 2005 and 14 January 2008 (I don’t really count the two entries from 2010, because that’s when dog blogging migrated over here). It was Dogster Diary of the Day at some point too, but Bowdu, being the fickle Shiba that he is, chose not to acknowledge the compliment, whatever day that was.

As much as the Doggy Daddy and I both like to “act out” the internal monologue of our dogs, I couldn’t got accustomed to writing from his perspective. Writing in my own voice is so much more comfortable for me.