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Old habits are hard to break. Bowdu still licks his feet occasionally, and I swear he’s learned to do it extra surreptitiously because he knows I don’t like it. But despite it all, his feet are looking really good now. Normal, I’d even say.

Photo taken 19 December 2010

And a front paw…

Compare this to just three months ago, when the briefest bout of licking would cause his pads to swell immediately:

Photo taken 25 September 2010. Back foot (don’t remember which one).

And just before he began his summer of imprisonment in the cone:

Photo taken 12 July 2010. After a longer bout of unapproved, furtive foot-licking.

Tonight, we are the furthest from summer that we can possibly be, and I’m actually grateful. The changing seasons have brought us reprieve, and we can finally sleep peacefully during these long, dark nights.

I hope this recovery is due to more than just changes in weather. I hope that everything we’ve done for his diet and dermal health and stabilizing his thyroid levels is contributing to a stronger overall immune system, because I’m afraid that eight months from now, this blog is going to turn once again into the chronicles of daily frustration that it was this preceding summer.