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If I can’t shop local, I at least try to shop indie.

Of course I don’t buy everything from local retailers. Even I sometimes find it more expedient to go online and have stuff shipped to me. That’s just the reality of commerce these days.

So once I figured out how doggy coats are supposed to fit, and realized what Bowpi needed to protect her from the local elements, I went in search of something more appropriate to her sighthound frame. For specialized canine apparel, I think it made sense to go online.

Photo taken 3 December 2010

After some thought, I ordered a simple “Cozy Fleece” from Montana Dogware. Their coats are primarily designed for greyhounds. For other breeds, they offer some design features that I like, namely the turtleneck for long, thin necks, and this…



That’s a tail notch made specifically with curly-tailed Basenjis in mind. YES, I’M A SUCKER. But it really does work out perfectly, and I like that I didn’t have to provide my own measurements for a nice hand-sewn coat since I’m not sure exactly where to measure anyway. I just ordered an XXXS Tail Notch Basenji-sized fleece, requested a color, and a week later, Bowpi had a lovely new coat to show off.


So even though the temperatures don’t get as cold here as they do in Montana, I’m sure Bowpi appreciates her coat nonetheless!