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I managed to get enough sleep over the extended weekend, for once — so we were able to join the monthly Basenji meetup at one of our favorite local dog parks.

Photo from Meetup album (Bowpi in green collar in foreground, adoptable BRAT basenji Benji on leash)

To prep Bowdu’s mood before surrounding him with a pack of unfamiliar Bowpi-lookalikes, we started at the opposite side of the park and meandered over to the rest of the group. It worked out perfectly. By the time we got to the Basenji meetup, Bowdu was sufficiently relaxed so that he just stayed at my side, occasionally shooting me hapless looks — We’re not bringing home ANOTHER one of these guys, right?

Photo taken 28 November 2010 (not Bowpi)

Or maybe he just gets along easily with Basenjis. There’s a reason they made our short list of breeds to consider for our second dog, and it’s not just looks.


Bowpi was pretty excited, I think, because she kept roving after other dogs and wandering off. So I barely have any pictures of my own Basenji at this meetup, though I got a few of everybody else’s.


Bowdu shows the gang how it’s done.


I believe that sweetie above, mooching for attention, is Jenna, one of the notorious (hehe) Three Basenji Amigos. It was nice to finally meet the woman behind the words and pictures over at Basenji Troublemakers!

Meeting Marti

Now that I know Bowdu and Bowpi can both handle meeting so many strange Basenji at once, hopefully we can make it out to next month’s meetup. And maybe then, I’ll be able to capture more than a fleeting shot of Bowpi’s buttocks in the group (depicted in the upper right corner of the photo below).