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Ostrich trachea
Photo taken 26 October 2010

Remember when ostrich was being touted as the protein source of the future?

I have yet to try it.

But the Two Bows can now say they have. That makes at least two protein sources they’ve eaten which I have not (kangaroo being the other one).

I picked up a sample pair of ostrich trachea from an open jar of Aunt Jeni’s Ostrich Medley at a holistic pet boutique we checked out last weekend. They smelled funky and looked a bit hideous, but that’s exactly why Bowdu and Bowpi seemed to enjoy the minute-and-some-odd-seconds it took them to scarf down their snack!

In this case, I forfeited my authority to taste test any of their treats first.

I encourage you to check out Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, this Maryland-based company that manufactures the treats. I find them interesting as a small company model (at least based on what I can tell from their website) and worth a look for anyone who might be looking for novel protein sources. They currently have a special on American alligator bites that is rather tempting, but we’ve already got many other bags of treats queued up for consumption. Other things they offer that I have rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere are goat liver, chicken’s feet (recently reviewed at Inu Baka), duck’s feet, and one item which won’t be entering the House of Two Bows anytime soon — rabbit’s feet with fur still attached. *shudder*

Ostrich trachea

As for the ostrich treats, I would get them again, but not at $17.99 for a whole jar. I’ll probably just stick to onesy-twosies.