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As much as I griped about my previous vet not being willing to work with online pharmacies, I know that Internet pharmacies are not above reproach, too. In the interest of equal opportunity bitching, today I will comment on my latest order from 1-800-PetMeds.

So my order, which included a prescription order of Soloxine, was placed last Tuesday. I received notification that it shipped Wednesday, after my vet faxed the prescription to their offices. I took one week, or five business days, to get from Pompano Beach, FL to California. No complaints about the efficiency of the process!

My order consisted of:

  • Soloxine 0.2 mg tablets (250 @ $0.09 = $22.50)
  • C.E.T. dental chews, size medium (30 count bag, $13.99)
  • Diphenhydramine 25 mg, 100 ct. bottle ($7.99)

The dental chews arrived fresh. The generic Diphenhydramine they sent along is called Banophen, distributed by Major Pharmaceuticals (31778 Enterprise Road, Livonia, MI). Good enough.

The main reason for my order, Bowdu’s Soloxine, turned out to be a little disappointing. I ordered 250 as I understood the pills come in either 250-count or 1000-count bottles from the manufacturer. We did not get a sealed bottle from Virbac with the original label and packaging information, as I had hoped would come. Instead, the pills were shipped in PetMed’s own labeled pharmacy bottle, which means I guess they collected the quantity I ordered from loose bottles.


Okay, fine, I can deal with that. But what irked me was that the expiration date was listed as 10/13/2011 — as in exactly one year from when the order was fulfilled. I highly doubt that’s what was written on the bottle(s) from whence these pills came, and so I have no idea how fresh these pills actually are. In that sense, they’re no better than my previous vet, who was giving me pills set to expire in a month.

To PetMed’s credit, they did stick a note onto the pharmacy bottle that indicates the medication is to be taken an hour before or 2 to 3 hours after a meal, which is the correct way to dose Levothyroxine. So they’re at least two steps ahead of my previous vet in terms of price and providing correct instructions.

I’ve e-mailed to ask how I (and other customers) can know for sure that we’re not getting expired drugs, so we’ll see how they respond.

Meanwhile, Bowdu’s skin and feet are no longer swollen and pink thanks to the antibiotic shot and the Ketoconazole, but now his paw pads seem to be cycling through another phase of grodiness. This yeasty overgrowth really is hard to control! We wipe his ears every day with Novalsan Otic, and while there’s considerably less gunk coming out of those orifices, his ears still exude unpleasant odors. We’ve tried shampooing his feet with two brands of pet shampoo so far, but his paw pads get crusty again within days.

I just bought a bottle of Selsun Blue and bathed his feet with it today. There was a noticeable slickness to the texture of his bald skin where the shampoo had soaked for 15 minutes, so I hope that means the selenium sulfide is working.

He has about five days of Ketoconazole left.

The weather is finally turning autumnal.

He’s cone-free at the park again. When he can remain cone-free at home for 24 hours without inflicting any major damage to himself, I’ll finally be able to stop stressing over this… until the next allergy season.

Photo taken 21 October 2010

Edit 24 October 2010: Also, as for this crap?

Screen capture from my e-mail inbox

That’s not my dog, but a generic Shiba Inu picture that’s designed to look like any amateur’s digital snapshot. And it’s creepy when an automated text generator asks me how my dog is doing, by name. It’s even weirder and borderline offensive when your customer service representative asks over the telephone, in her most blase, this-is-my-job-and-I-don’t-really-care tone of voice, So, how’s Bowdu doing? and ends the call with Give Bowdu a hug for us. You really don’t know my dog at all, do you, if you’re suggesting that I give him hugs and kisses on behalf of a total stranger. The very thought — HA! I doubt most shoppers turn to online pharmacies for a “personalized” experience, because any attempts to make it seem so just come across as disingenuous. Please, don’t bother.