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The day we got Bowpi, Bowdu awoke to find a wild turkey in the backyard.

Hello turkey
Photo taken 23 March 2010

He chased the bird up onto the neighbor’s roof, where it roosted and glared down for quite some time. Bowdu made sure it didn’t come back down, and the turkey eventually found another yard to occupy.

Bowdu stalks a turkey on the roof
Photo taken 23 March 2010

Bowdu’s biggest pet peeve is when any foreign creature invades his backyard. The first thing he does every morning is whimper to be let outside, whereupon he charges immediately towards the corner of the yard where a raccoon had once scaled the fence and landed into a direct tussle with Bowdu. That was about a month after we moved into this house, and since it had been uninhabited for some time, perhaps the raccoon was not expecting anything to be on the other side of the fence. The Doggy Daddy and I both happened to be standing in the backyard right when it happened. We both started yelling at each other to DO SOMETHING, but both of us were too panicked to interfere (not that either of us would fare any better against a wild raccoon!). Meanwhile, Bowdu and the raccoon chased each other in furious, snarling circles for a few agonizing seconds, but neither made contact. The entire scenario couldn’t have lasted more than 20 seconds. Just as the Doggy Daddy reached for a shovel that was propped up against the fence, the raccoon finally exited the yard the same way he entered. Luckily both domestic and feral beast escaped unscathed, but it ranks as one of the loudest, scariest, and apparently, most impressionable fights that Bowdu has ever been in.

99 out of 100 mornings, Bowdu will find his backyard unmolested, but somewhere in the back of his mind, I think he expects to find that his backyard turned into a sea of squirrel feces overnight or something.

Hello squirrel
Photo taken 10 October 2010

When we’re elsewhere, Bowdu’s fairly indifferent to small, darting wildlife that crosses his path. The campus squirrels don’t even phase him, despite their abundance. Cool and sedate Bowpi, on the other hand, becomes a scrabbling, bulgy-eyed maniac at the sight of all that frisky LUNCHMEAT. These critters are often quite fearless. I’d go so far as to call them instigators.

Bowpi stalks a squirrel on a tree
Photo taken 10 October 2010

This guy stood his ground and nattered away at Bowpi the entire time I was taking pictures. If he only knew how fast Bowpi is when unleashed, he might not be so cheeky! Yes, even the squirrels display my university’s reputation for fostering campus provocateurs.