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PRODUCT: Himalayan Dog Chew
Quantity: 3.5 Oz (3 pieces in this bag marked for “small dogs”; usually 3 ~ 5 per bag in this size)
Price paid: $10.99 at local Pet Store A
Packaging description:

Himalayan Dog Chew comes from an ancient recipe of the people of the Himalayas and Nepal. In the mountains surrounding Mt. Everest at more than 15,000 feet, it is made using traditional methods with Yak or Cow milk, all natural products, and no chemicals or preservatives. Now, this piece of Himalayan culture is available to you and your dog.

Ingredients: Yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. No preservatives and no additives.
Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude protein min. 52.6%
Crude fat min. 0.9%
Ash max 6.0%
Moisture max 10.2%

Country of origin/manufacture: Nepal/India? Packaged in the USA
Company information: Himalayan Corporation; Lake Stevens, WA
Website: http://www.himalayandogchew.com

A few weeks ago, I bought a pack of small Himalayan Dog Chews from Pet Store A. They came three to a pack, so since there was an odd number and Bowdu was still confined to his cone at the time of purchase, Bowpi got the first taste.

Photo taken 4 October 2010

Judging from Bowpi’s enthusiasm, we figured it was a good treat. It kept her interest for at least two and a half 30-minute chewing sessions over the course of several days. Much to my surprise, Bowdu didn’t seem jealous that she got one and he didn’t (since he’d be unable to grip and gnaw while wearing the cone, but he couldn’t spend more than 20 seconds out of it without wanting to chew himself).

Photo taken 9 October 2010

Well now that he’s feeling better, we’re able to let him have a piece of his own. I divvied up the remaining two hunks last Saturday. Bowdu was pleased!


And then after a couple chomps, he realized it was a super high value treat, and that’s when the guarding began. He took it to his bed and stared at it, but wouldn’t eat it. And he stared at me staring at him staring at it.


Bowpi, meanwhile, had been vigorously working on her own portion while Bowdu was contemplating all the evils that could befall his precious hunk of Himalayan yak chew. By the time he decided to start chewing on his (after about fifteen minutes), Bowpi had already scraped most of the delicious coating off her own chunk. That’s when she looked over the ledge and realized that Bowdu had a bigger, virtually unspoilt piece.


She began to covet his piece, and he knew it…

I basically had to separate them at this point. A funny thing was when I called them both to come to the dog park, Bowdu first set his yak chew aside in a not-so-hidden corner of his room before he came running to me — apparently an excursion to the dog park is more valuable than this exotic new chew. In an instant, Bowpi had swooped in to claim his abandoned treat, and she came to the door holding it in her mouth. She had been biding her time and took the very first opportunity she could to steal it. However, she relinquished it to me with no fight, and I put it up out of sight so that there would be no squabbles when we returned. It’s pretty clear that Bowpi is more interested in these Himalayan Yak Chews than Bowdu, and that’s just as well since she’s the one with the teeth in desperate need of dental work.

Himalayan Dog Chew

Edit: Here’s Bowpi’s first chew, shown next to a little pot of Carmex for scaling, after a couple hours of work. The ridges which appear to have been pressed from a machine are entirely from her nubby little teeth. It still smells faintly of cheese. She happily took it from my hand when I offered it just now, but her chewing was half-hearted and quickly stopped, now that the outer coating is gone.

Bowdu stole Bowpi’s second piece, which she had whittled down to a similar size and left on the bed. He easily cracked it into two pieces in his jaws, but seemed more interested in showing off that he destroyed it than eating it. I quickly removed it for fear of him choking if he should try to swallow the jagged pieces whole.

Edit again, 14 October 2010: Format edited to be consistent with other reviews, as this is what this entry turned into. Also, Bowdu finally finished his chew. He just wanted the freedom to work on it outside, so one afternoon when the Doggy Daddy had a couple hours to spare, he sat outside and played guitar and watched Bowdu take care of his yak chew. Bowdu kept at it for about two hours until he was DONE. So he does like them after all!

Final Grade: A