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PRODUCT: Nolvasan Otic Cleansing Solution
Volume: 16 Fl Oz. (473 mL)
Price paid: $28.99
Formula: Isopropanol and inert ingredients [not listed on bottle]
Packaging description:

For general cleaning of ears of dogs and cats to aid in removal of debris.

FOR USE IN CLEANING EARS: Apply liberally into the ear canal. Gently massage the base of the ear. Carefully clean excess fluid from accessible portion of external ear with cotton. Repeat one to three times daily, if necessary, depending on condition of ear and amount of debris to be removed.

Store at controlled room temperature 15 – 30 degrees C (59 – 86 degrees F).

Company information: Fort Dodge Animal Health (a division of Wyeth, which merged with Pfizer, which had its shares bought by Boehringer Ingelheim); Fort Dodge, IA 50501


A few weeks ago, Bowdu’s ears started emanating an odor resembling fermented bean curd — definitely not a good sign, even if one does happen to enjoy a meal of stinky tofu and the like. Hypothyroid dogs are apparently prone to chronic ear infection. This wasn’t something that Bowdu ever had a problem with before, and I was a little disappointed at first that this symptom appeared after we started him on thyroid supplements. Nevertheless, I wanted to keep his ears from getting worse. Also, as pointed out to me, his long-term use of the Cone of Pride and Triumph may also be hindering proper air flow to his ears, resulting in a condition that needed to be remedied, or at least monitored.

So by recommendation, I picked up a large bottle of Nolvasan Otic. I balked a little at the price, as it’s significantly more expensive than anything else I’ve seen on the shelves. But I didn’t want to mess around, and if it works, it works.


I’m glad to say that it works! We do not squirt the blue fluid directly into his ear canal, as instructed. Instead, we moisten a cotton pad, gently stuff it into the base of his ear, massage for a few seconds…


… and take note of the gunk that is extracted. Gross, but necessary. With daily use, his constant head-shaking and stinky ears are now under control. The solution doesn’t seem astringent and has only a mild odor, which we can all appreciate.


Squirmy ‘Pi isn’t such a fan, but her ears seem to be just fine.

We’ll be addressing the issue of his stinky ears, along with everything else, at our next vet visit (and it’s going to be a doozy…). Meanwhile, I’m glad to have this on hand for daily grooming and ear maintenance.

Final Grade: A