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It was a lovely day at our favorite off-leash dog park. Before, Bowdu was allowed to have some cone-free time at the off-leash park, because he was usually too excited about running around to chew his feet. However, even the great outdoors isn’t enough to distract him anymore, so his cone stays on. He doesn’t seem to mind too much, but I am getting a little tired of having to explain to strangers. I keep it short by saying it’s for his allergies, though that’s not entirely the case. When well-meaning strangers hear ‘allergies,’ they inevitably start offering a ton of suggestions that I’ve already tried before. It almost makes me want to just refer people to this blog.


At least there’s a small crowd of regulars, so once I’ve explained it to them, I usually don’t have to repeat myself.

One dog we always seem to bump into is this most intriguing creature:


I haven’t had a chance to ask her (?) owners what she is. An Ibizan Hound, I think? Whatever she is, she makes Bowpi display her B-ridge…


… before engaging in pursuit!