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The Mighty Hunter by Cori Solomon, available here

Cori Solomon draws lovely sighthounds, mostly with pastels. While I am, of course, drawn to her Basenji portraits, like The Mighty Hunter depicted above, I think some of her most arresting portraits are of Salukis, such as this majestic creature here:

Feathered Scrutiny, available here

Attitude, available here

She lives with Salukis, and has obviously studied them well to be able to render them with elegance and personality. Salukis were on my personal list of breeds to consider when we were searching for our second dog. However, STOLA (the Saluki Tree of Life Alliance) never had any listings in our area, and they weren’t really popping up elsewhere. Sadly, I’ve yet to meet one in person. I was also looking at rescue greyhounds and whippets, but in the end, I think it’s fitting that we start our sighthound experiences with the Basenji — what Cori calls “Small and Mighty.” When we’re ready, there’s a whole lifetime to work our way up to bigger, or rather, taller dogs… Shiba Inu and Basenji compensate for their relatively small stature with “big” personalities, you know.

Howling for Joy, monotype print listed here

Please check out Cori’s Pawtraits at either her art blog or her website. Note that The Mighty Hunter (the Basenji portrait pictured at the top of this entry) is still available for sale, and part of the proceeds go to STOLA. Cori also offers notecards and envelopes in packages of 6, including a set that includes both “The Mighty Hunter” and “Small and Mighty”. Contact her via her website to find out more.