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Those tootsies don’t really look any better, do they? At least not from the underside.

For reference, this is what they looked like a week ago. Since then, I’ve been treating him with a new topical regimen.

After romps to the off-leash dog park (four or five times last week, I forgot), I apply Sulfodene in the car. He is perfectly compliant in the passenger seat and won’t so much as raise a lip, even when I’m massaging the funky smelling yellow liquid between his toes, whereas I can’t even get the cotton pad near him if we’re at home.


And then Epsom salt foot soaks EVERY NIGHT… well, at least four of the last seven nights. Honestly, sometimes I’m just too exhausted to climb in the tub with him, though he’s learned that this is a pretty good deal. Ooh, tub’s running. Now is the time that I stand in the funny-smelling water and they feed me fish snacks. Nom nom nom.


Target doesn’t stock Epsom salt — at least not around my parts! Walgreen’s has a lavender-scented variety — 3 pounds for $4.99. I grabbed one along with another 6 pound bag for $5.99, and mixed the two in the tub last night. Bowdu’s feet (and the whole bathroom) still smell heavenly, but I hope it’s not irritating him.

Finally, I resorted to a totally unknown, pig-in-a-poke purchase.

Image from DermaPaw website

I ordered a 2.5 oz jar of DermaPaw for $17.95, based on the abundance of information on their website and the strength of testimonials, including those on their Facebook page. No one has said flat out that it doesn’t work, but I also can’t tell how many online testimonials have been “planted” across the Internet.

Anyway, I’m holding my breath until we’ve had some more time with this product. We’ve only applied it after two baths so far. It complements the lavender smell nicely, and Bowdu does seem to appreciate its application, strangely enough. But as far as actually deterring his licking? Only pennies in a can seems to stop him for now (thanks Masako!), and that doesn’t work unless he’s under constant surveillance…