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Recently, I have considered investing in a nice digital SLR, if only to take better pictures of fidgety ‘Pi.


Not that my Canon isn’t capable of taking photos that are perfectly sufficient to my amateur photography skills. Every now and then, this machine’s “imperfections” and my ignorance of light manipulation will produce an aesthetic convergence of worth.


Yesterday, we took Bowpi to the new vet I selected for a trial run. We had her teeth examined and an estimate for dental work drawn up.


As you can see, she really needs her teeth cleaned. When she first came to us, most of her teeth, most noticeably her canines, were completely caked in tartar. She was eating mostly soft food before, which apparently contributed to the gunk buildup. After six months worth of crunchy kibble, dental chews, occasional raw meaty bones, and daily supplements of PlaqueOff, her canines have improved significantly but her smaller front teeth still look like little rotten kernels of corn and her molars are incredibly gunky. However, the vet tech said her gums look good and nothing’s in immediate danger of falling out, so she advised us to wait until February to take advantage of National Dental Month discounts.

The itemized estimate they gave us was $557.42 without extractions to $948.49 in the event of unlikely, but not impossible “worst case” extractions (like those back molars, which run $168 a pop). I’m going to ask around, but given what I’ve seen of veterinary costs in this area, I’m not expecting estimates to drop much lower.


I don’t think I’ll be shopping for a digital camera anytime soon.

That’s okay. Bowpi is cuddlier than a camera anyway.