Not only does one like to sleep under the blankets and the other on top…

Photo taken 17 September 2010

… Bowdu often prefers to sleep on his own, completely ignoring pleas to join the rest of the family in the bedroom at night. He likes having space all to himself. He usually does join the “pack” eventually. Lately, since he’s been taking advantage of any solitude to lick his feet, I coax him into the bedroom with late night niblets.

Photo taken 17 September 2010

Whereas Bowpi risks being crushed by rolling human bodies, just as long as she doesn’t have to sleep alone.

As for myself, my latest strategy has been to sleep flip-flopped on the bed, so my feet are up against the Doggy Daddy’s head (he finds this enchanting, I’m sure) and my head is closer to Bowdu’s nest at the foot of the bed. This is because I’ve often awoken to the sound of him struggling to gnaw on his back feet, and have had to intervene. I’ve found that if I hover overhead, not only is he is less likely to engage in such undesirable activity (and he’s very clear that we disapprove), it’s much easier to stop him before he gets too involved. I’m a light sleeper, and will wake up if he so much as shifts into an upright position, which is the only way he can get to his feet around his cone. I reach over the edge of the bed, set my hand on his back, and though he grumps a little, he’ll settle right back down, allowing me to fall back asleep.

It’s kind of like hitting the snooze bar.