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I picked up Bowdu’s medication today — 0.2 mg of Levothyroxine (Soloxine), to be given twice daily. $24.70 for the first month’s dose of 60 pills, which buys me some time to track down a cheaper source, assuming he’s going to be on it for a longer duration. We’re to return for another blood draw in a month’s time. Given the near-impossibility of the last draw, I’m already looking into options to sedate Bowdu beforehand, though it’s probably not going to be pretty either way.

The numbers on his blood work do look pretty good. Everything falls neatly within the reference ranges. However, his thyroid readings looked like this:

Results: 0.6 (LOW)
Reference Range: 1.0 – 4.0
Units: ug/dL

The Total T4 result is less than 1.0 mcg/dl. A Free-T4 by equilibrium dialysis may be helpful in supporting the diagnosis of hypothyroidism in patients demonstrating clinical signs compatible with hypothyroidism. Please use test code 7589 for this additional testing.

FREE T4 (Equilibrium Dialysis)
Results: 9.0
Reference Range 8 – 40
Units: PMOL/L

So there we have it.

I don’t have any doubts or major concerns about the readings, but I decided I still wanted another evaluation from an outside lab. I had asked for an extra vial of blood, which they pulled and I had kept stored on the condiment shelf of the refrigerator. Today I sent it via USPS Priority Mail to Hemopet/Hemolife. The FedEx receptionist whom I first tried to work with was exceptionally cranky and made me feel like a bioterrorist for not having the sample carefully wrapped by my vet. She seemed too freaked out that my vial of blood was going to spontaneously explode and infect everyone in the room with rabies, and couldn’t give me a clear answer on how to actually mail the damn thing, so I just sent it via USPS as Hemopet had originally recommended.

I ran some more errands, then came back to feed the dogs. As we were getting ready for our daily dog park run, I accidentally locked myself out of the house. How it happened was so ridiculous, I’m not even going into detail… Bowpi was on lead, with me, but Bowdu was stuck inside the house. Luckily, the Doggy Daddy was able to slip out of an evening commitment and reunite the pack, so we still got our daily dog park fill — complete with moonrise.