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More topicals temporarily enlisted into the service of Operation Shiba Pedi-Cure, as presented by Bowpi to give a sense of the relative size of these bottles:

  • Sulfodene, first aid skin medication for dogs, “As an aid in the treatment of HOT SPOTS associated with scrapes, itching, hair loss, redness” ($7.99 Pet Store C)
  • Biocaine, antiseptic first aid lotion, “Helps prevent infection, reduces pain, swelling and licking, promotes healing, non-staining” ($7.99, also from Pet Store C)

They’re actually pretty small bottles, but somehow Bowpi makes them look larger.

In the background is a bottle of Excel Hydrocortisone lotion, another product we’ve been using for some time now to help alleviate itching. As a steroid, I try to limit its use.

First photo taken 15 August 2010, second photo taken today

Yup, I’ve resorted to posting pictures of Bowdu’s “intimate” parts. I’m taking lots of pictures for fear that he won’t be so willing to expose himself to the vet for our appointment on Thursday. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of research and mental preparation for the upcoming visit.

All is not doom and gloom. The shadows have been particularly expressive these days, especially at the times we hit up the park. It’s something we all look forward to every day.

Photo taken 16 August 2010