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The film geek in me is absolutely swooning over the British Pathe online archive. Here are just two of the wonderful vintage clips you’ll find in their collection:

BASENJIS DOGS (29 September 1938)
Featuring Olivia Burn and a SWARM OF BASENJI PUPPIES. I am most impressed by feeding time, in which a meaty leg bone of some sort is dangled over a pack of raptor-like pups who leap up and nip all in a frenzy. Why bother with kibble when there’s that kind of fun to be had?!

BASENJIS Video Newsreel Film (22 February 1954)
Featuring Veronica Tudor-Williams and PILES OF WRINKLE-BROWED CUTIES. My favorite part is when she scoops a handful of squirming puppies into her arms, deposits them onto her living room couch, and doesn’t so much as flinch when they immediately start attacking the throw pillows.

Lots of other interesting dog-related videos in the archives, including promos from the Canine Defence League (UK, since 1891!), various dog shows, and Parisian canine fashion boutiques. One click is enough to start you on a trail of discovery. For example, I feel a little less guilty about keeping Bowdu in his plastic Cone of Shame Pride, knowing that they used to do it like this