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I am so frustrated… SO FRUSTRATED!

I need to be more reserved in my cheery assessments of Bowdu’s progress. As soon as I think he’s getting better, everything turns again for the worse. For reference, here’s how he was doing a mere four days ago.

Here’s how he’s doing today:



He’s managed to get around his cone through sheer force. He chewed his foot bloody (the same one that I was saying looked sooo good) while I was lazily drinking my coffee in the front room and my boyfriend was in the shower. And now that his cone is slightly warped, it just makes it easier for him to reach his feet.


I dragged him into the tub for an Epsom salt foot soak and a half-bath with the medicated GreenTree shampoo (I just washed his paws, his neck, his pits, and his undersides, where he seems to be the most irritated). I took him out and dried him and massaged some lotion onto his sensitive parts and replaced the cone and he STILL wants to self-mutilate.

No more beef liver treats. No more beef at all, processed or raw.

Today, he took his last available dose of Temaril-P. He has taken 150 pills in total. Enough is enough. I really, really don’t want to give him anymore of those drugs.

We are going back to the vet. This will make the fifth visit for these ongoing problems. I am asking for a full thyroid test, because I want to rule out hypothyroidism once and for all. Not a single vet has raised this as a possible issue, but I want it done so I can stop wondering about it. I think I should ask for an allergy test too, something like the VARL Liquid Gold serum test. We’ve been discouraged from pursuing the full range of allergy tests the last couple times because the results could be, as I was told, “disappointing” since it’d most likely exhibit reactions to common household allergens like dust mites, pollen, and human dander. I think the vet was trying to be pragmatic. But putting Bowdu — and myself — out of misery with some kind of CONCRETE answers is worth a few hundred dollars to me.

I mean, if we’d just done this in the first place, we’d probably have saved the hundreds of dollars in mere consultation fees that we’ve already sunk into this ongoing problem.