A friend sent me this link to an article on Jezebel.com entitled,”Women with dogs can be crazy“.

The Daily Express reports that the survey, commissioned by a dog food company, found that women are far more likely to confide in their dogs. While only 10% of men tell their dogs their “darkest secrets,” double that number of women admitted to treating their puppy like a therapist. Most dog owners describe their pet as a “trusted companion,” but a full third called them their “most loyal partner.”

This is all pretty standard pet-owner stuff, but they also found this crazy statistic: 14% of female dog owners believe that their dog can read their mind.

Why am I not surprised that the photo accompanying the article features an Asian lady with a shiba?

(Tip: That’s not a photo of me. That’s from the article. I don’t know if I’m allowed to hotlink it, even if I’m directing you to the source…)