The folks over at Canidae Pet Foods have a pretty informative blog: Responsible Pet Ownership. I’ve been alerted to some interesting articles since I signed up for an e-mail subscription, all in an attempt to win 6 months worth of free pet food (someday, I will win something, goshdarnit). Not adding it to my sidebar, as I prefer to keep it free of overtly commercial links. Still, I think the blog has some good, basic articles that are actually intended to inform its readership, rather than serve as an overt shill for the company.

(ETA: Well, some articles read more like an overt shill than others… but I’m willing to put up with a quick skim if free food might come out of the arrangement.)

We’ve fed Canidae to Bowdu in the past — lamb & rice, specifically. He seemed to do well on it, but now I feel there are too many grains for us to go back to that formula. The other one we tried, beef & ocean fish, resulted in lots of stinky diarrhea so we’ve never gone back to that one. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up another bag of Canidae, but I’ve got my eyes on the grain-free salmon meal recipe as something to consider for rotation. Bowpi would probably be fine on the grain-free ALS recipe (which contains chicken), as she’s been nomming up whatever we’ve given her (everything’s quite a step up from the Kibbles ‘n’ Bits she got before), but as we don’t have His ‘n’ Her kibble tubs, she probably won’t be getting anything that we can’t also feed to Bowdu.

At the time of this posting, Bowdu is still on a 100% raw diet, and showing some improvement, but we need to start considering reverting back to some kibble once my school year starts anew.