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Since dogs don’t come with instruction manuals, I asked the experts over at the Basenji Forums to enlighten me as to what Bowpi is doing in the above video. She has a habit of nibbling on soft things like towels, blankets, bedsheets. She never causes any damage, so I have no reason to make her stop. Only once or twice has she done it to my clothing (that is, the clothes that I was wearing), so I could feel that she wasn’t actually biting despite the audible click of her teeth.

My guess was that was she was massaging her gums.

Experts’ response: Nope! She is “de-fleaing” the sheets, not necessarily because there are fleas on it, but as a grooming impulse or common nesting behavior. Oooooh…

Photo taken 9 August 2010

Little miss doesn’t like looking straight at the camera. Here’s the princess holding her head up high.