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This is no simple “om nom nom.” This is more like GNARM GNARM GNARM.

“Doh. I ate it all.”

Today, the Bad: Witnessed a fight at the off-leash dog park, which I find rare at this large, unfenced one in particular. It was between a nondescript man wrapped in a hooded windbreaker w/ a pit bull vs. older man w/ a German shepherd and border collie mix. Man with pit bull seemed unable to restrain his dog, releasing him two or three times before the two parties were able to separate themselves. Man with German Shepherd and other dog seemed unable to restrain himself, yelling up a storm and getting downright violent with his tennis racket while screaming anti-pit bull curses. Bad situation all around.

I’m not interested in who started what. What concerned me at that moment was how Bowdu rushed towards the commotion, as many dogs are prone to do when fights break out. Luckily, I think because this park happened to be large enough, he only bounded about halfway towards the fighting dogs (and men), then stopped. He ignored me for a few seconds, gawking on the periphery of trouble, but then came towards me when I called and started walking away. When both Bowdu and Bowpi were at my side, I leashed them up and we looped around the trail until I was confident that both dog owners wouldn’t interfere with the remainder of our walk. Such incidents always cast a pall over an otherwise pleasant place, and I’m sorry to see such things happen.

The Good: Stopped into Pet Store A to pick up yet another bag of Primal Raw, and managed to get it for $4 less because of a pricing snafu. “Is this stuff so fresh that it has seasonal prices?” I asked, pointing out that the price was much lower than it was last time. I was rewarded for my observance with the discounted mispricing. Sweet deal!

Then driving home, we spotted this little cutie riding high in an open-top convertible: