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Fur grows back real fast… if you just give it the opportunity.

First two photos from 30 July 2010, third from 1 August 2010

Bowdu unfortunately is still having trouble letting his fur grow back. Still of the mind to lick, especially on the days when he’s not on Temaril-P (every other day). And just as the pads on his back right foot seem all healed up, a tempting, lickable spot of something showed up on his front left paw (see above — I’m talking about the very slight, red discoloration visible on the bottom, which hasn’t gotten worse because we dunked that cone right back on his head). Will it never end?!

Our excursions into bur-filled territories probably don’t help, but he’d be even more miserable if denied his daily outdoor adventuring. At least he reluctantly allows me to wipe his feet off with unscented baby wipes after particularly dusty trails. He can be so finicky about certain kinds of touch. If I go in with the express purpose of applying anything strange to his paws, he’s liable to bite. If we’re just hanging out on the futon and I massage his paws, there’s no reaction. I usually have to catch him in a relaxed mood before he can be tricked into topicals. Lots of gentle praise and treats follow, but he acts as if I should be grateful for the opportunity to touch his majesty’s paws.

'Du with a 'tude
Photo taken 23 July 2010

He’s a ‘Du with a ‘tude.