If ever there was a video that did more to inadvertently promote feeding raw, or high quality kibble at the very least, here’s one that I found interesting (via Dog Food Chat).

How Pet Food Is Made

I guess it’s from a Discovery Channel program about how stuff is made.

Some of my favorite ironic highlights (emphases mine):

“Wanna bet some dogs and cats eat healthier than their owners?”

“It’s the stuff of sophisticated nutritional science… but the basic ingredients that factories grind up to make dog and cat food are generally similar. First, CORN KERNELS.” [Okay, I rearranged that one for effect.]

“As the continuous stream of shaped mixture exits the die, a spinning knife cuts it into pieces.”

Hey, I like my uniformly-shaped niblets just as much as the next chowhound, but you didn’t have to call it that.

“Once the pieces exit the dryer, they enter a revolving drum where they’re sprayed with fat and flavoring. The fat is designed to add FOOD ENERGY, while the flavoring gives the bland pieces an appetizing odor and taste.”

Can someone translate for me what the hell “food energy” is supposed to mean? Does it mean that this slick coating actually accounts for some nutritional value, since they’re getting almost nothing from the corn meal mixture? Besides, something seems to be missing from this kibble (rated at 2 stars on Dog Food Analysis, FWIW). That is… where’s the meat? Does it count if it’s sprayed on animal fat/flavoring? That’d be like licking the grease off the surface of my wok and saying I had “oysters” for dinner. Did they conveniently skip that part in order to sanitize this video presentation??

Or perhaps the truth is just that most commercially-available kibble has been made not so much with animal health in mind, but with profit margins and a minimal level of acceptability that appeals to the average human consumer, literally! After all, many of us eat corn meal and grains as staples and can thrive just fine on such a diet. Since these are not ingredients that I ever had to question, I never would have thought to question its appropriateness for my pets until I started looking into it. Still learning new things every day, too.