We went for a quick walk in a woodsy area behind one of my favorite libraries on campus. For some bone-headed reason, I decided to lead the dogs off the paved trail and up through a narrow dirt path. Not 20 seconds into our detour, Bowpi suddenly began to dart madly about, binding my legs with the leash. She collided into Bowdu’s side, which pissed him off so he barked and snarled at her and even though he didn’t touch her, she started screaming bloody murder, as she is prone to do. It took about two seconds to calm them down (though I’m sure that was plenty of time to freak out whomever might have been within earshot), and when I bent down, I saw that they were both covered with these tiny little burs. Dozens and dozens of them…

Stupid burs.
Photo taken 30 July 2010

It took me a good ten minutes per dog to get rid of the mess, and I still have a tiny little sliver on my finger that I haven’t been able to extract from one that I pinched too hard. Lesson learned — STAY ON THE PATH. Exploration is punishable by A PLAGUE OF BURS.

If anyone knows what kind of weed this is, please let me know so I can avoid these noxious things at all cost.