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Photos taken 26 July 2010

Looking better every day, especially his front paws! Bowdu’s spending most of his time outside of the cone now, though he still can be a neurotic and obstinate little squirt about licking when there’s nothing better to do.


Bowpi seems unimpressed with all the attention he gets from the camera these days. Her coat, after all, is lustrous and soft. When she arrived, her coat wasn’t terrible, but it was a bit dull, and she had a crusty rim around her ears and quite a bit of dandruff, which is now completely gone. Maybe it was a seasonal thing. But overall, she has clearly benefited from an improved diet and the battery of supplements that we give to both dogs.


Left to right: plain yogurt, about 1.5-2 tablespoons in the morning on a separate dish; apple cider vinegar, up to 2 teaspoons mixed in with their kibble also in the morning; fish oil, one 1200 mg pill split between the two of them in the evening (sometimes more, but they both get fish in their current food); Plaque-Off, a seaweed extract that’s supposed to help with tartar buildup (just started using this about 2 weeks ago, mainly for Bowpi — nothing yet to report).

Not pictured: one raw egg every few days or so, beaten and mixed in with food; about 2-4 dried Japanese sardines given as daily treats, a trick I learned from this post which was an inspiration for starting this blog.