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Photos taken 23 July 2010

Some noticeable improvement in the dark spots on his front legs, the areas right underneath his muzzle, since we started making Bowdu wear the cone. We’re also letting him spend more and more time outside of his plastic prison, since it appears to be chafing his neck. We keep it on him very loosely — we don’t even have the collar buckled. But he was developing a distinctive funky odor about his head and large patches of fur have gone missing.


It’s not actually as noticeable as the picture above suggests, because Bowdu has a lot of fur. And this does coincide with his biannual coat blowing, so I’m thinking the heavy plastic collar just exacerbated his condition. I tossed him into the bath today for a rubdown with GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath shampoo ($9.99 a bottle from Pet Store B), massaging it gently into his skin with my fingertips and knuckles. The stuff doesn’t seem to lather up nicely like human shampoo, but maybe that makes it easier to wash out — I just felt like I had to use a lot. It’s slightly medicated, and smells like it too, though it’s not altogether unpleasant. And it got rid of Bowdu’s neck odor and seemed to alleviate his itching for a bit, as intended.


I thought I did a good job bathing him on my own — normally my boyfriend handles the doggybaths. With Bowpi, we enjoyed a collective reward at the off-leash dog park. Then I swung by the pet store to pick up a small bottle of lotion from the same company ($5.99 at Store B) since the shampoo seemed to have helped so much.