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Photo taken 20 July 2010

The cone was something we picked up for Bowdu last Thursday, because his allergies are out of control. Rather, his instinct is to licklicklicklick his itchy feet, the only way he knows to help himself. And when there’s nothing better to focus on, he’ll return to his feet… especially that back right one, which must’ve gotten particularly tasty with the subsequent infection.

The vet didn’t stipulate how long we should keep the cone on him, but I don’t feel comfortable letting him go free until 1) his infected foot is completely healed, 2) the allergens dissipate (whenever THAT will be, since we don’t even know what they are!), and 3) his tongue stays in his mouth except at mealtime, drinktime, and panting time. He still gets drawn into licking sessions at night and in the early morning. Either I’m a very light sleeper or I have highly tuned ‘maternal’ audition — even the sound of him licking his lips will wake me up. And that’s what he does every morning, right about the time before we all get up and feed him. Nyam nyam nyam… If he could reach his feet, that’d be his pre-breakfast appetizer, I know. So the cone stays on until the habit dies.

He does get some freedom out on walks, including dog park excursions. Happiness is a great distraction from allergies, and there’s absolutely no temptation to lick his feet when we’re all moving along.