Photo taken 18 July 2010

I started this blog because Bowdu, the shiba, has been stricken with the worst allergies he’s had in three years running. This has sent me frantically hunting for remedies both online and off, as well as repeat visits to the vet. A blog chronicling my attempts to make him feel better may help me keep track of everything we’ve done for him, what works, and what doesn’t.

It also goes another step in certifying me as a Crazy Dog Lady in the making. Not that my love for companion animals is limited to the canine variety. I grew up with cats, which I was taught to value for their “independence” and low maintenance — qualities that I learned are not universally applied to felines, the more I met and occasionally lived with roommates’ cats. At any rate, this may be why I was eventually drawn to more “cat-like” dogs, as shibas and basenjis are reputed to be. Now, this home is fully occupied by these two dogs. As I learned to appreciate a more interactive companionship and integrated life with animals in my adulthood, I realized that I always want to have pets close to me, for the rest of my life.

This blog is not written from any professional or pedantic point of view. As I continue, the precise nature of my perspective may be refined. For now, I would characterize the voice of this writer as one of a sojourner (in the sense of one who visits with their masters by way of apprenticeship) and a wide-eyed observer eager to learn from every detail.