Photo taken 8 June 2010

Welcome to the House of Two Bows. That’s “bow” pronounced as in “playbow,” “bow to your partner,” rhymes with cow, how, plow…


Featured on this blog are Bowpi (left) and Bowdu (right). Bowpi (pronounced Bow-PEE) is a five-year-old female basenji adopted in March 2010. Bowdu (Bow-DOO) is a five-year-old male shiba inu that has been raised by this blog’s author and her partner from puppyhood, since April 2005. They’ve both been speutered. Bowdu came from Taiwan, where the author and her partner were living at the time, and came to the United States with us in August of 2006. Bowpi is, as far as we know, a California native, but we have no pedigree paperwork for her and it doesn’t matter much to us. More details will be revealed in good time.

Their furless momma photographs them on a near-daily basis, and obsesses over them constantly, so this blog was established.